Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bizarre Life


© 2011 Shrina Vaidik

So numb and quiet. No guesses what life is going through. No reason to be happy and to be reason for a reason. Blank and anxious !! Blank but thinking, blank but writing, blank but waiting. Yes !! Waiting !! Waiting for a moment to come and leave a smile and satisfaction on my face and in my mind. Sometimes life goes like this only. You have no reasons and clues for things happening to you and around you. May be a sudden entry of someone can change your mood for a while or may be for much more time or may be for your life time, though you never know who is he/she. You never had any clue or desire of that one person in your life but he is there...may be as a best buddy in your Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister or any other (your love or better half). Two halfs make a 'plus one'...a 'perfect one'.

Someone has said 'Nothing is perfect' and 'Nobody is perfect'. Well yes !! I am not perfect considering I am a thing and a body also. A perfect thing never needs anything else to make it complete and may be this is why life is also not perfect. If it would have been perfect then nobody will like to live a life. Lets take an example of human beings. Male and female are human beings, if they would have been perfect then they would not need each other and since they are imperfect individually they complete each other and make a perfect couple (two halfs = plus one). For an imperfect there is always another imperfect to make each-other perfect for both of them and for the whole world.

The life moves on and you have to flow in its stream. But the question arises 'Is it that life which we have expected or already fixed, or that life which we have created for ourselves ?'. I have read it somewhere that it was always our choice that either we should lead the life in the way we want or let the life lead us to wherever it wants. People are lucky who know that what they want to achieve in their lives and then move on accordingly. But those who take life as a challenge and let all on life also are not less fortunate. This is nothing but only a choice making theory for a person that in what way he wants his life to take turns and that decides the forthcoming twists also.

~ Shrina (10th August, 2011)

Let go !!

Life seems like a mess when you do not get what you want after working hard for it. No wonder you are dull, unhappy and hopeless now. You never wanted to see yourself like this but now you are facing it like a nightmare come true which is not leaving you alone and countlessly teasing you, trapping you and haunting you. This is a phase of life which comes in everybody's life at least once. And may be they are the only one who know how to overcome this. This is another question which is answerless. 

Sometimes luck seems duck !! Rather giving up for that particular desire one should keep trying to achieve it, you have heard this very thing from so many sages or so called solomons around you. Well yes, it is helpful for people like us who are average performers from starting. Though I don't understand the word LUCK and don't know that whether it exists or not. Happening or non-happening of things is co-related by people by calling it luck. Don't know their senses should be qualified or pitifully unqualified for saying this. Whatever it is but the word luck seems duck for a non believer like me for it's virtue.

~ Shrina (1st September, 2011)

Aah !!

A Proposition from my diary :

Dear Diary, how are you my dumb-heart (Sweetheart) ?? Missed you so much. Sorry if you felt bad when I called you dumb-heart..I called you this because your existence is nothing or of no value without me. Yeah I am boasting myself... SORRY !! Okay lets come to the point..I wanted to share many things with you from last few days but I did you already know that I don't like to share things even with you. So be happy with what I am sharing with you now and celebrate it because this is why you are lucky. :-)

There is a thing common between my happiness and sadness ie. SMALL THINGS. Yes !! small things. Those are nothing but the small things because of which I get so much excited and the small things only which make me cry. Yeah, I am very emotional and I know getting much emotional on small things is really not good.

My words are expensive, why do I waste them in expressing every time ?? And really this is not the actual reason I do not end up with explaining things, rather I leave them unspoken. Yeah...I know !! Others won't tell you how expensive your words actually are but you have to weigh them ?? I mean after all those are YOUR WORDs. Who does care to care about your words ?? If they do, they will tell you and may be you will need not to write them like this. :D ;-)

~ Shrina (15th September, 2011)

Love Yourself !!

There are times when you feel depressed and dull. Want to be alone, sit alone, think alone, cry alone..all alone. So there is a tip I am giving you to do the same and feel the bliss of every moment passing by. Take out some time for yourself. It is the time when you have to think all about you, only an 'I' specialist in this very time.

If you love yourself you automatically start respecting yourself and so do the world.

Let me share you my experience which I lived yesterday evening and thoroughly enjoyed. Yesterday in the evening my pet wanted some walk,  some talk and some game to play. So I took her out and played with her. Then I sat on a slab and she also took place near me on the ground and sat down. Pleasant weather was on it's best. Cool breeze was stroking my hair every now and then, I was able to feel it inside me going through my nose into my lungs. I was jovial, was feeling like heavenly and thought why did not I come here ever before though I should come here daily. Flights were passing by...first, second, then third..then fourth (my tutu also noticed this time that fourth flight :P) and so on !! Wow !! Birds were going back to their homes and people too. There was rush on the road...road-lights, vehicles' colourful lights, different stalls' light (stalls of eatables). Considerable stall-keepers were standing by main road's corners surrounded by people. Students..friends..moms with their kids..working etc were passing by the street adjacent to my house. I was seeing everything. That evening's each moment was flawless. I didn't even notice that I was damn hungry 15 minutes before coming out there to that place.

So this way it works. You just need to give some time to yourself.

~ Shrina (17th September, 2011)

Fairy Tale

When things go beyond control and life seems a Fairy Tale !! AND vice versa.

Yes ! Fairy tale sounds so nice and one of the best things happening when it blends with your life and shows it colors. But sometimes things go beyond your control where everything is going perfect just few silly things which are not big issues fills you with hooey feel and make life a decision taking point; and then what comes out of it you also know, probability of which is 1:1; that means equally good and equally bad. We always act positive, think positive and feel positive, actually our attitude towards life and on happening or non-happening of things become positive and strong. If you are happy; you are energetic and if you are sad no one in this world is serving poor quality from/out of you of anything you do. People may not smell your happiness but somehow your off-mood will tell them those buzzing going on in your mind, especially to your close ones. And see even after going through this Fairy tale phase you will be wanting yourself to be heard by a particular person; to know your tensions, jollity, responsibilities and equally do understand them. do feel positive about everything and hope for the positive outcomes. You wish this fairy tale will move as you want and it should be. At least it is a good think to appreciate your thinking and wishes. Believe me they actually work and they did in my cases. It starts working from the moment you start thinking, feeling and believing positively; this thing at least gives you a self satisfaction plus a chance to be happy again for a while or for maturity of this wish you just wished. :-)

~ Shrina (5th December, 2011)

to be continued....


  1. very well-written & true !

    i'll just suggest you to keep yourself engaged in anything that you find worthwhile.. that itself would help you discover yourself & realize your true potential..! :)

  2. Superb! nicely written shrina:)

  3. Wow shrina...nicely done. keep it up yar :)

  4. Exploring Yourself! nothing gets better !!! amazing !!! Love it so much Shrina