Thursday, January 20, 2011

For my Late Puppy "Bruno" :-)

Content: Poem
© 2011 Shrina Vaidik

♥♥ To Bruno ♥♥
(15th February, 2010 - 10th November, 2010)

Silent days and blank nights,
I'm searching you in every sight.

a single glimpse of your, makes flowers bloom, I feel I'm in heaven again and out of gloom.

your absence bothers me too much,
but I was helpless when you were tolerating all such.

all my love and care for you keep aside,
come back my drug, as a little child.

I still feel your touch,
I am asking you nothing much.

your memories haunt me day and night,
no one can refill your place in my life.

you are my gift, you are my prize,
just make a come back baby, in my life.

- Shrina (21 January, 2011)


  1. very well-written ! very creative rhyming ! simply brilliant ! B-)

    - Piyush Sonthalia

  2. Gr8 SHRINA!!!!!keep the spirits up.You have the talent come on baby get the SPARK in you.

  3. Sad to know that Shrina.Really even I miss Tyson (my old GS).