Monday, May 16, 2011

My Thoughts - I

My Thoughts
© 2011 Shrina Vaidik
  • To be an actual Human Being u need not to follow your heart but just need to try to follow your mother's heart (which is unbiased by default).
  • A person who barely carries any manners should avoid modesty because it may dodge others.
  • I had a habit of explaining a lot which has passed away few days ago.
  • When you suffer sarcasm,You are bound to feel hatred.
~ Shrina (16th May, 2011)

  • Abetment to hatred is an unintentional fault.
Shrina (18th May, 2011)

  • My Sir says " Flirt with every subject,  just grab special points ". BUT I think sometimes while holding a question paper in the exam it says "BABY !!! I am flirting with you this time, try again next time for real Love ".
  • A stubborn is actually born-stub-born.
  • A frustrated mind can never has a Peace of mind but also no Piece of mind.
  • Insomnia is a live telecast of your dream which you want to see and a movie you have already seen/watched.
    Shrina (19th May, 2011)

    • Fate offers and we have to choose.
    • A creative head has lacs of ideas but a quick witted head has only one idea at a time.
    • When I am shattered I am rude.
    • Some people in this world are like dog's tail.
    • Once you have experienced doldrums with someone, next time you will be gray and joyless while communicating to him.
    • Agony inside you is a medicine for you to create self-esteem.
      Shrina (20th May, 2011)

      • Trivia of something is invulnerable until you experience it yourself.
      • When one's outdoor life is on a long pause he/she searches for that same life in indoor in several different ways.
      • Things always do not go in your favour but you need to take them in the way that they themselves follow your favour.
      Shrina (22th May, 2011)

      • When a work entrusted me (may be by force or may be I accepted it voluntarily) is about to delegated to someone else for any reason, I feel insecure and doubtful about his/her capability of doing/completing it as I do it/used to do it.
      Shrina (23th May, 2011)

      • Seeing things from your zone or one side of the hedge makes only your own and one sided view. Being in this kind of attitude throwing pebbles at others becomes very easy for one. 
      • People are experts in giving jolt to others' minds. (in any way you can think) ;-)
      Shrina (25th May, 2011)

      • In the evening I was surrounded by Sister and Mom. Sister was comparing differences of her past and present sunburn effects with me and I was reading out the poem to mom which I have written for her (since it is her birthday today). As soon as I finished reading Mom hugged me and I made her know that "Mumma abhi tak maine nahaya nahi hai subah se" :P Sister jumped off with a jolt out of the sofa and Mom said "To kya hua..newly born baby bhi to nahaya hua nahi hota, tab bhi mom use pyaar karti hai". :D hahaha. Conclusion is: She always loves you, no matter in what condition you are.
      Shrina (27th May, 2011)

      • Point to be think our minds work and create thoughts only when we are in pain or stress ?? Does not it work/think or wants to give thoughts in its normal state ??
      • Now people are behaving like they are the MOST BUSY people in this world to listen what bliss I am sharing with them. huh !!! Damn these stupid computer games and its freaks. (>.<) :P
      • Unwanted pauses/breaks in book reading makes it a prolonged reading. Though I do not like it but also do not hate it. Because later I can read it in a single sitting or concentrate on what I am reading. ;-)
      • Well !! Sometimes I feel that I stand no-where when I see guys working as waiters in Pizza-huts since I do not earn but sometimes I feel that I am lucky and do not have life like them. Typical approach !!! NO ???
      • Who is there who does not like the Appreciation ?? ;-)
      Shrina (29th May, 2011)

      • There is nothing bad in giving a try. So just go for whatever you want to do or if you have only a desire..that KASH (I wish) !!! Just go for the sake of that KASH ;-)
      • It is said that "Birds that live in a lake will fly away when the lake dries up, But lotus dies with the lake." But this is because Lotus is not a bird else it could also have done the same. Think in that way too.
      Shrina (30th May, 2011)

      • You want to escape but you cannot. 
      Shrina (31th May, 2011)

      • A cursed Pearl...sad !!
      • If I have talent people shall themselves interact with me/take interest in me but I shall not follow them for seeking their attention. But if I am a fan I shall behave like one until my self esteem is eroded or hurt.
      • You ask for HELP only those whom you think stand equivalent to you or beyond your power.
      • lol..jyaaa philosophy achchhi nahi warna log aapko MANJAN samajhkar apne aapko gheeswane se bachaane ke liye durr bhaagne lagte hain. :P
      • Everybody likes to give knowledge to others but nobody wants to listen/listen back.
      Shrina (1st June, 2011)

      • Drops of first rain water is a nice gesture of upcoming rhythmic jingle of rain in rainy season with a strange joy.
      • Holding endurance is hard but easiest way to get what you exactly want.
      Shrina (2nd June, 2011)

      • Tolerance has its own side-effects.
      Shrina (3rd June, 2011)

      • Never give up on the things that make you smile. (by unknown)
      • Until you have a conversation with one, you find yourself inferior or dearer than him. As soon as you come to know each other he becomes a CHAP for you. ;-)
      • While having Ice Gola I was feeling good because it was cool but bad too because I was sipping in BIG amount of sugar and calories. :-( <_<
      • It is quality that counts not quantity.
      • Many people must have been started drinking by now since this is SAT-UR-DAY-NIGHT for them. Darn !!! Fugly truth. <_<
      Shrina (4th June, 2011)

      • I found that writing your own thoughts is a nice practice.
      Shrina (6th June, 2011)

      • A dominated soul always curses and sulk at the one who is the reason for it. And cannot survive for long.
      Shrina (9th June, 2011)

      • Sulking and yelling at poor souls does not show how masculine you are but how weak and cheap your mentality is.
      Shrina (10th June, 2011) 

      • There is nothing like extra time. Hectic life does not allow you to take some time out for yourself though whatever you are doing is only for you in anyway you do so.
      Shrina (14th June, 2011)

      • There is something inside me shattered or shattering gradually.
      Shrina (16th June, 2011)

      • How to tell someone that you are in pain. (Any kind of pain it may be)
      • Oh this bloody monsoon !! Always rolls down on cheeks on wrong time.
      Shrina (17th June, 2011)

      • Why do I tell that I have a lot to say you?
      Shrina (18th June, 2011)

      • Pets are lovable. ♥♥♥ :-)
      • Writing a poem makes you feel lighter and fresh. It gives a feel like you have shared it with all or the one or all those you wanted to share it actually.
      • Writing skill is that which enhances you in the way which makes your expression power easier and stronger.
      Shrina (19th June, 2011)

      • One thought (self generated) a day keeps stress away.
      Shrina (20th June, 2011)

      • Sometimes you feel helpless seeing someone in pain but still you have your few stupid words to console them which are not gonna help at all and you already know it. (>_>) aahhh !! Why doesn't he give us what we ACTUALLY need.
      • Some lessons in life can only be learnt by going through them.
      Shrina (23rd June, 2011)


      1. ur thought is very gr8 and very practical also.. try to register your thought else any body will copy it...:P

        -- Rajat