Wednesday, February 2, 2011

♥ To someone VERY SPECIAL (MOM) ♥

Content: Poem
© 2011 Shrina Vaidik

A gentle touch of yours, drives me to a valley of happiness, 
A gentle touch of yours, fills me with confidence.

Your presence is precious to me,
You are very special to me.

You are the one near whom I feel safe,You are the one without whom I can go insane.

Your care for me is a liability,
which you do as a religion and not as a duty.

You are the pilot, You are the home minister,
no one can mess with you under your supervision.

I keep my things messed up, which you have to bear,
SORRY for my bad habits but I have made you all things clear.

We are poor, can't handle things without you,but always find it our RIGHT to fight with you.

What to say more, fallen in shortage of words,You are the BEST part of our life and of this World. 

- Shrina (2nd February, 2011) (5:25 PM)


  1. Mummy par likha hai l8est poem... very good... this is the best...! B-)
    Chaahe iss se pehle k aur bhi better likhi ho, but still, Mummy ka hi best maana jaayega ! ;)

  2. wow realy sweet n nice
    no words to tell hats off.....

  3. such a nice poem yar...loved it...

  4. read it once again... awesome once again...! :)