My Poetry(s)

My first Poem (BACHPAN)

गुल्ली-डंडा- कंचे , नन्हे नन्हे गली के कुत्ते, पतंग और मंजे!

मंजे को धारदार सूतना और पतंग उड़ाते वक़्त उसी मंजे से उँगलियों का कटना, मैंने भी यह सब देखा है क्यूंकि अपने ही भैया दीदी संग मैंने यह सब खेला है, हाँ ऐसा ही बचपन मैंने देखा है |

ठिठुरती ठण्ड में पापा की गर्म शाल में उनके सीने से लगकर, सर्दियों में स्कूटर पर उनके साथ इसी तरह घूमकर, हर सवारी का मजा लिया है, हाँ ऐसा बचपन मैंने जिया है |

जहाँ दादी के प्यार भरे नर्म हाथों से सैकड़ो बार नहाया है, वहीँ मम्मी-ताईजी के हाथों से रोज़ स्कूल के लिए तैयार होकर खुद को हमेशा बच्चा पाया है, हाँ मैंने ऐसा ही बचपन पाया है |

एक ओर बाबाजी (दादाजी) को बचपन से ही संयम में जीवन जीते देखा है, वह हम सबके आदर्श है ऐसा हमने माना है,

तो दूसरी ओर ताउजी ने बिना किसी भेदभाव, बिना किसी शर्त के असीम प्यार बिखेरा है उनको हमने खोया इसका दर्द बस हमें ही सहना है |

छोटे भाई को आँखों के सामने बड़े होते हुए देखा है, बचपन से ही खूब सारा प्यार और डांट से उसे संभाला है,
रोज़-रोज़ की नोक-झोंक से जीवन चलता हमारा है, बस इसी तरह मेरा यह बचपन सारा है |

- श्रीना (14 january , 2011)
© 2011 Shrina Vaidik

♥ To someone VERY SPECIAL (MOM) ♥

Content: Poem
© 2011 Shrina Vaidik

A gentle touch of yours, drives me to a valley of happiness, A gentle touch of yours, fills me with confidence.

Your presence is precious to me,
You are very special to me.

You are the one near whom I feel safe,You are the one without whom I can go insane.

Your care for me is a liability,
which you do as a religion and not as a duty.

You are the pilot, You are the home minister,
no one can mess with you under your supervision.

I keep my things messed up, which you have to bear,

SORRY for my bad habits but I have made you all things clear.

We are poor, can't handle things without you,but always find it our RIGHT to fight with you.

What to say more, fallen in shortage of words,You are the BEST part of our life and of this World.

- Shrina (2nd February, 2011) (5:25 PM)

                ♥♥♥ DAD ♥♥♥

 © 2011 Shrina Vaidik 

Peaceful nights on his arms, Feeling of security from so called giants. 

Holding me on shoulders after breaking of the dawn, Drop me firmly in Grand Mother's arms.

Asking for cheek kisses by calling them 
"Aam", "Khatta Aam - Meetha Aam" as if a drug of  the dawn.

Gets me things of my want, Rides me everywhere whenever I want.

 Shops me dresses shops me heels, Paying out all my expenses of long long bills.

He is the MAN like an IRON KING, No Super-hero can compared with him.

He is the Branch of our Root, I feel so proud to be a part of this Truth.

- Shrina (10th July, 2011)

            For my Late Puppy "Bruno" :-)

Content: Poem
© 2011 Shrina Vaidik

♥♥ To Bruno ♥♥
(15th February, 2010 - 10th November, 2010)

Silent days and blank nights,
I'm searching you in every sight.

A single glimpse of your, makes flowers bloom, I feel I'm in heaven again and out of gloom.

Your absence bothers me too much, But I was helpless when you were tolerating all such.

All my love and care for you keep aside,
come back my drug, as a little child.

I still feel your touch,
I am asking you nothing much.

Your memories haunt me day and night,
no one can refill your place in my life.

You are my gift, you are my prize,
just make a come back baby, in my life.

- Shrina (21 January, 2011)

                 Find "you"rself in this poem :P

Content: Poem
© 2011 Shrina Vaidik

A blissful moment turns into a sudden silence, don't know what has happened but a sign of annoyance.

You are being pointed out , to find your way out, you are at the point of mistake, just don't try to justify yourself.

You are helpless, wanna do a lot in life,
but have got a little brain in the giant missile.
Don't know what is in fate and what are your likes, just keep on follow whatever you like.

This is your crucial time, will never come back again in life, 
it is better for you to choose your likes and not dislikes.

All this text GROOM your mind, and you start studying from the same night.
What will be the end of this confusing life? you are in a big confusion, start thinking ! all will be fine. :P

- Shrina (24 January, 2011)

                     A Smug

Content: Poem
© 2011 Shrina Vaidik

You are DUMB !!
Unwanted and out of this world.

Always fall at wrong place with the reasons accustomed.

You are so messed up, no matter how much you are concerned.

Your foul mouth speak a lot, go and get your brain washed.

Tickle your thoughts, may be some garbage come out.
Why do you behave so clumsy, shouldn't you leak the reason out ??

Oh great care taker of Manners !! Curse your honesty,
Join the gang and forget about modesty.

Mug the instructions and get the work done.
Be a SMUG but the PROVEN one.

Shrina - 13th May, 2011

                Kyun kahoon ki.....???

क्यूँ कहूँ कि कहना है बहुत कुछ तुमसे,
क्यूँ कहूँ कि आज नाराज़ हूँ तुमसे,

तुमने तो सुनकर भी की अनसुनी मेरी,
समझाने पर भी नहीं समझे बातें मेरी,

दर्द इतना भी नहीं कि बाँट नहीं सकती तुमसे,
लेकिन मन कहता है कि आखिर क्यूँ बाँटू तुमसे,

तुमसे उम्मीदें कर रखी थी कुछ,
कि बिन बोले ही समझ जाओगे सबकुछ,

मेरी वो उम्मीदें खोखली निकली,
शायद सब मेरी ग़लत-फ़हमियाँ निकली,

फिर भी सब सुलझाने को करता है मन,
लेकिन फिर से ना जाने क्यूँ मुझे रोकता है ये मन,

कि क्यूँ कहूँ कि कहना है बहुत कुछ तुमसे,
कि क्यूँ कहूँ कि आज नाराज़ हूँ तुमसे |

~ Shrina (19th June, 2011)


Hadd ki hadd hai humara yun sochna tumhe
Yeh jaankar bhi anjaan banna gawara hai tumhe

Tumhara hona hi bezubaan kar deta hai is kadar
ki saza dena to door khud par hi haavi hone dete hain tumhe

Chahoge bhi to humse yeh shart naa jeet paoge
ki chaha hai humne jitna tumhe, koi bilkul waisa hi dhoondh laoge

Achambha hota hai yeh jankar ki, jo kabhi chahte naa the wahi kar baithe
Ainthan mein raha karte the kabhi lekin ab kismat ko bhi manaane lage

Aur ab to kounsi hadd kiski hai yeh usool bhi kahin kho chuke
Teri chah mein ab hum khud ko hi bhoola chuke

~ Shrina (3rd January, 2012)

© 2011 Shrina Vaidik

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