Sunday, July 10, 2011

♥ DAD ♥

 © 2011 Shrina Vaidik 

Peaceful nights on his arms, Feeling of security from so called giants. 

Holding me on his shoulders after breaking of the dawn, Drop me firmly in my Grand Mother's arms.

Asking for cheek kisses by calling them "Aam",
"Khatta Aam - Meetha Aam" as if a drug of  the dawn.

Gets me things of my want, Rides me everywhere whenever I want.

Shops me dresses shops me heels, Paying out all my long-long bills.

He is my SUPERMAN noone's like him , No Super-hero can be compared with him.

He is the Branch of our Root, I feel so proud to be a part of this Truth.

Shrina (10th July, 2011)

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