Monday, January 24, 2011

Find "you"rself in this poem :P

Content: Poem
© 2011 Shrina Vaidik

A blissful moment turns into a sudden silence, 
don't know what has happened but a sign of annoyance.

you are being pointed out , to find your way out, you are at the point of mistake, just don't try to justify yourself.

you are helpless, wanna do a lot in life,
but have got a little brain in the giant missile.

don't know what is in fate and what are your likes, just keep on follow whatever you like.

this is your crucial time, will never come back again in life,
it is better for you to choose your likes and not dislikes.

all this text GROOM your mind,
and you start studying from the same night.

what will be the end of this confusing life? you are in a big confusion, start thinking ! all will be fine. :P 

- Shrina (24 January, 2011)


  1. Do not underestimate yourself.Dont get Fidget,focus and look in to your positive side and move ahead.No one is perfect.Be POSITIVE and stay HAPPY :-).........
    Remember "The HAPPIEST people don't have the best of Everything,they just make the BEST of EVERYTHING they HAVE'

  2. :-) Love u di...thank u so much for the lovely and supporting words !!

    Mujhe to doubt tha ki kisiko yeh poem samajh mein ayegi....!! Really happy ki aapko samajh u know me and Shruti both very well:P

  3. awesome B-)
    fit baith ta hai bilkul ;)
    i can 100%, relate it with myself :P :-/

  4. bohat sahi h.....
    puri poem padh k bohat yaadien taja hogai yr..(all those confusing n decision making tymes of lyfe wn v just hang ourselves betn do or do'nt)
    its nice