Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Thoughts - II

My thoughts

© 2011 Shrina Vaidik

  • Every human being has got a colorful personality and knows when and how to show its colors on different occasions.
Shrina (28th June, 2011)

  • What do you think about people who spit and then lick back ??
  • Life in plastic is fantastic !! Use and throw..and in place of the old one get a new one. >_> 
Shrina (1st July, 2011)

  • Sometimes things happen in order of your preference but are actually out of your control.
Shrina (5th July, 2011)

  • Sometimes you love to talk in signs and smilies. :D
  • You feel collapsed when you know that you are doing something right which might be wrong in others views and chill runs down to your spine. And similarly when you do something like that you feel that all the eyes around you are staring only at you and know what are you doing. ?? 
Shrina (13th July, 2011)

  • Do I need to tell you that I can write ?? :D :P
Shrina (17th July, 2011)

  • The guilty inside you is a type of revenge from your "self".
Shrina (21st July, 2011)

  • Don't sing 'I have to do it-I have to do it', just do/finish it and shut your hollow mouth.
  • It's good to have a compromising nature, But never compromise with any situation to an extent that one fine day you forget what you are actually. (~Unknown)
Shrina (25th July, 2011)

  • Sometimes its nice to stay alone and not to share what is going on in your mind. :-/
  • I neither love myself nor hate myself but sometimes you give me the reason to do so.
Shrina (2nd August, 2011)

  • One day you will ask me which is more important, your life or mine? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing you are my life. ~ Unknown
Shrina (4th August, 2011)

  • Reality of "you" cracks/breaks your ego in a second and you find yourself on the floor but the truth is that now you are no-where in this world for the aggrieved ;-)
~ Shrina (5th August, 2011)

  • I want to hate you but I can't, I want to love you but I can't, we are friends but actually are not.
  • Dear Change, Freshness and Happiness !! What do you think of yourselves, are you moods some celebrities ??
  • I left behind not only my ego but the self respect also for my loved ones.
  • Don't take out your tongue out of your mouth in innocence in front of a doctor otherwise he/she will come to know what you have inhale/eaten in your last meal :D :P
~ Shrina (6th August, 2011)

  • Listening to music on full volume but its not going inside..not touching my heart. :'(
  • Yes !! I am disappointed.
~ Shrina (8th August, 2011)

  • Believe that you'll be repaid for everything you do. So what you do for others, you do it for yourself too. ~ Unknown
  • The things between me and life.
~ Shrina (11th August, 2011)

  • Love yourself...because others don't love you,they just love the qualities in you...!!! Just put aside these qualities for sometime and you will see how people change. (~ Unknown)
~ Shrina (15th August, 2011)

  • Bliss ^_^
~ Shrina (20th August, 2011)

  • One day in my absence you will be wanting my presence for sure and will miss me more than I do in your absence.
~ Shrina (27th August, 2011)

  • Cry as loud as you can to the world that yes you are the only reason for all bad happens to me. Then waul again cheerfully as loud as you can with soft voice and say yes you are the only reason for all good happens to me.
  • You are not the reason for disappointment always, others also make you feel so.
~ Shrina (29th August, 2011)

  • Being a jinxed everywhere in a group is nice because it gives importance to the remaining people of that group.
  • Yes !! Bullshit happens.
  • I am not here to please anyone but these God-made relations make me to do so.
  • Tensity follows chain reaction and comes from all the sides at a time.
 ~ Shrina (1st September, 2011)

  • Why do we behave stupid even after knowing that doing this is called stupidity.
  • Everything has a reason but not necessary that you have written it somewhere because it happened with you.
~ Shrina (22nd September, 2011)

  • Love is a waste and I am not a dustbin ;-)
~ Shrina (27th September, 2011)

  • You should not set your rights on something which is vague.
~ Shrina (28th September, 2011)

  • The day you try to understand something, you have left with nothing which you used to call something.
~ Shrina (6th October, 2011)

  • Few people have PROBLEMS for every SOLUTION. ~Unknown
~ Shrina (15th December, 2011)

  • I don't want you to call me but recall me. :-)
~ Shrina (18th December, 2011)

  • Sometimes it is good to be brainless. :-|
  • You do not get always what you want or wish but sometimes it is cumbersome to get it even once.
~ Shrina (23rd December, 2011)

  • Sometimes how strangely words come in front of our eyes relating to the current happening of our lives. We can just co-relate and wonder how.
~ Shrina (24th December, 2011)

  • Don't fool yourself but your heart.
  • It's easy to deride others. 
~ Shrina (25th December, 2011)

  • Time passes but memory holds each moment and keep it alive. :-)
  • Whatever we write has a reason, we might not make it out but there is always an inspiration behind it or say an exasperation.
~ Shrina (26th December, 2011)

  • You do it enthusiastically if the one who matters you for this matter is with you. ^_^ And I did all my heart. :-)
~ Shrina (27th December, 2011)

  • COIN of "Memories 2011". Experienced both the sides. Like each year. "Naye Anubhav aur Nayi Main". ^_^ 
~ Shrina (31st December, 2011)

  • End of EVERYTHING should be perfect otherwise it doesn't satisfy us. No matter how nicely the story has been portrayed. At last a perfect end justifies the whole story.
  • Mood-swings because of a known reason which you don't want to recall but can't rid of it until you talk about and sort it out. Pretend urself Unknown !!
  • Life is so self-centered !! No ?? When we need/want we use and vice versa. First we cross the boundaries later we try to centralize the same.
  • How nicely we pretend that "Oh..nothing happened" and don't even bother to coax someone or apologize for what we did. #DodgeTechnique
  • Dear Hopelessness, depression, brainlessness, uselessness, stupidity, rage, domination, melancholy and ALL BAD THINGS #StayFarAwayFromMe :D
~ Shrina (1st January, 2012)

  • You consider that there is noone above "I, me and myself" but others prove it wrong. They dismiss this misunderstanding of yours.
~ Shrina (2nd January, 2012)

  • Let me like myself first then I will give a chance to you too :-)
~ Shrina (3rd January, 2012)

  • If you are not understood by others then just leave simply without saying a word. Waste no more time and keep no more hope.
  • Likhne se kuchh kam to ho jata hai, kaash !! sab thik bhi ho jata.
  • And suddenly I have started thinking, talking and behaving weird and stupid.
~ Shrina (9th January, 2012)

  • I wonder how do people catch us tht we're sleeping before taking their call? We can't even lie tht we weren't. Awaaz ko kya ho jata hai? o_O
~ Shrina (16th January, 2012)

  • Be a little khayalogical !! ;-)

~ Shrina (17th January, 2012)

  • Don't act irritated now I wasn't the 1 who u thought I was or who u wanted me to be. From the very 1st day to now, u never knew the real me.
  • Yaar, dildaar, parivaar aur sansaar !! Sabka kuchh naa kuchh matlab hai. Aakhir har koi kisi naa kisi matlab se hi hai yahaan. #JustAthought
  • "After all we are here not to please everyone !!" whom?? And if we really know to whom we want AND WHY?? :O #Confused
  • Oh! I need to improve. ~_~ I know. 

~ Shrina (18th January, 2012)

  • Kuchh puchhne ke liye wakai mein apko kuchh hona padta hai (tum ho koun poochhne wale). Lekin lagta hai ke jawab paane ke liye bhi kuchh hona padta hai.
  • When your sanity saver turns into INSANITY CREATOR then ?? Bang your head on/with whatever you see first. huh !!! Such a headache. CRAP !!
~ Shrina (19th January, 2012)

  • Sometimes nothing is better than something.
  • Your belongings are mine but mine were always yours.
  • I am someone not something !!
~ Shrina (20th January, 2012)

  • A man's lust comes out happily but not romance !! What do you call him ? Or say needs come out but do's do not.
~ Shrina (21st January, 2012)

  • I live in this world and will die here. You live in that world and will be there forever and in my world also..ALIVE. :-)

  • Dear internet ! One day I'll thank you from core of my heart. Come! wish with me "may that day come soon". Awaits for this kinda occasions. 

  • If something irritates us so much then we have an option... to leave it. Just think...why do you give it a damn ?? 

  • Slang if you call a pregnant woman "loaded", call her "stuffed beauty" !! It wouldn't sound that bad.

    ~ Shrina (23rd January, 2012)

    • Either your way or no way...why ??
    ~ Shrina (24th January, 2012)

    • Define yourself, your life and your needs first before it is too late to think upon and you are done with ruining your own life. 
    • Life is actually to show and prove the power of juggling of your own thoughts expressively. This is what I feel.
    • Kaash sab rishte ek chocolate par bante aur bigadte !! Sirf ek chocolate ke socho. Koi bhi chocolate. Ek SMS aya hai..bataungi !
    • Sometimes I think..."Do I really make sense to you?" :P
    ~ Shrina (28th January, 2012)

    • Does fan following really mean that you are a celebrity ?? Any statistical limit after which one can be called a Celebrity ? #JustaQuestion
    • Oh I want to play peek-a-boo with my life and want it to be elder/older player who everytime pops back in my view with a new good surprise.
    ~ Shrina (29th January, 2012) 

    • One of my friends (girl) said me "love your eyes" and the song made me smile yesterday "In aankhon ki masti ke mastane hazaron hain"...haha! 

    • Other friend says "love your rosy cheeks" :P But the song is "gulaabi aankhein..not gulaabi gaal" :P 
    • Trying to give best possible personal time to myself. Must say a nice practice. Need to be regular...I always take long breaks in it. :D
    ~ Shrina (30th January, 2012)

    • My "Bizarre Life" is really bizarre. I have something to post there but I don't want to because I am in good mood now and want to be ^_^ 
    • Whosoever issues Voter ID seems to be uneducated. Naam, DOB, sabkuchh galat !! x-( Info lete hi kyun hain mann se hi issue kar dena chahiye. 
    • Humein kaise log pasand ate hain, jo humare jaise hain ya humse alag, humare barabar hain ya humse behtar aur ye humari soch hai ya sangati?
    ~ Shrina (31st January, 2012)

    • Kuchh badal raha hai. Thoda ajeeb bhi lag raha hai. Aadha sach aisa hi feel karata hai naa :-(..may be lying to self.
    ~ Shrina (1st February, 2012)

    • In love of one-thing...missing every-other-thing. :P 

    • A little more rudeness I need. HUH !!!! 

    • Every woman is a super-woman. Then why can't she have everything/anything she wants badly ?? :-/ #Serious

    • Time is really crawling !!!! x-( grrrrrr !!! #GussaGussaGussa #KattiKattiKatti #Shutdown
    ~ Shrina (3rd February, 2012)

    • Peaceful aloofness. :-)
    ~ Shrina (4th February, 2012)

    • Bakwas karo to sab pasand karenge..Sahi baat karo to sab padhkar bhi andekha karenge. #YehHaiKirkiri 
    • Bakwas-parast aur fursat-pasand log aur unki bizarre life. 
    ~ Shrina (5th February, 2012)

    • Such a senseless, emotionless, cold blooded person. :-/ What the ".." I can ask anything else for ?? 
    • I'm write-a-holic/writeaholic. Stop thinking "something" stupid about me if tht something is VAGUE. I'll be more than glad. Sincerely SHRINA 

    • Twitter is for us or for our followers? I think..for us if we want to save and recharge our sanity, for followers if they really follow us. 
    ~ Shrina (6th February, 2012)

    • ^_^............... :'( #Faasla #Feelings #MatterOfFact #Shuruaat #End#Soch #Heart #Mushkil #Yaad #GoodBad #Ajeeb #Pain #Khushi#Sabkuchh 
    ~ Shrina (14th February, 2012)
    • Uncertain and aghast !! 
    • I make you angry, make you sad, I irritate you, (sometimes) make you laugh, I just wanna say: it does'nt matter how your mood is I'll be with you in your mind. No matter physically present in your life or not but will always be there in your thoughts. :-) #EditedAndAddedAFewLinesOfAThought

    • Sister is also an important part of life. Never felt such kinda loneliness in my life b4. Lonely from everywhere. peace but still aghast. :'( 
    ~ Shrina (15th February, 2012)

    • #GirlsLoveWhen you do something unexpcted for them/her. No matter how small the thing is, they/she will always love it. ^_^ 
    • Twitter and my Blog used to be my sanity savers till I was regular to them but now living beings sanity savers are also not reachable. :-( 
    • Opportunities are never in my favour !! Jinxed !!
    • Doing blunders and enjoying their after effects is better than being decent and doing nothing..hai naa? Decency ne fattu bana rakha hai. :-/
    • You are not her man if you can't wipe out her tears and cheer her mood up. Poor that girl having you in her life. Vice versa.
    • Dear Twitter and Music, leaving you was an insane mistake of mine and I apologize for that. You proved that you are my sanity savers. :-)
    • Rather leaving other habits would have been better than leaving u #Twitter #MyBlogMyWorld. :-) U always listen to me until I get tired. ^_^
    • I wish the place/thing where/in which I waste so much/all my time would have been my place/thing of livelihood/a better use. Life ban jati.
    ~ Shrina (16th February, 2012)

    • Rahiman is sansar mein bhaanti bhaanti ke log. Huh! Ek to main hoon hi..tum bhi kam nahi ho dusht dost ! :p
    • I to my Pet: Hey Baldy! My pet (GermanS) to me: Hello Skinny! :D I: Ghhrrr x-( bloody tutu!! My Pet: Meow! Then suddenly BHOW! BHOW!
    • Yay Yay !!! Papa got me two Badminton Rackets and a Shuttlecock box. ^_^ Happy and dancing inside !! Muah Muah Muah !! Kal se shuru !! ;-)
    • See small things we girls demand. Aur shuru mein hi logon ke perceptions mein ZANG lag jati hai.
    • Woh to nahi samjhenge kabhi...tumhe hi khud ki ichchhaon ko maarna hoga...kyunki badli to woh cheez jati hai jo galat hoti hai. 

    • Lump !! Lump !! Lump !! BIGGEST hindrance which exists everywhere. 
    • Shit doesn't happen, people make it...for you !!! And you...ugly cry baby !! You just cry and keep crying until you come over it. 
    • Expectation is sweet and slow poison. Best killer for a suicide committer. 
    • Hard like noone can be & soft like water so that noone can stop and if anyone tries then make another way out and be out of anyone's reach. 
    • "It is not your cup of tea". Neither mine. :-/ Better to live life own way !! 
    • "There are times when you hate everything around you !!!" happens with me often !! #DangerGirl and #TragedyQueen
    • Mera achchha bhala mood kharaab kar diya :'( Will not forgive you. :'((((( Hate !! Hate !! Hate !! Hate those moments. :-((((
    ~ Shrina (17th February, 2012)

    • Nail biting !! Khunnas ya tension bhari padi hai naa dimaag mein ?? 
    • Blending in your ♥ 
    • #NeverTellAGirl that you don't care !! 
    • Sheer disappointment of being disappointed. :P Why should I feel so ? ;-) WHO CARES ? :-/ Atleast I don't. Left caring about it too much. 
    • Aristocrat Lover !! 
    • Taking aback is a better option now. Bcz there is nothing better I see among us. 
    • Akele paida hue ho, akele jiyoge aur akele hi mar jaoge. HAILLA!! Ab twins ka kya hoga? (o_o) 
    • Maalish tel maalish !! Moma meherban. ;-( Mobile me internet, didi meherban. 
    • And this is the 3rd Saturday !! Kise yaad hai? *silent tears* 
    • Sometimes uncleared things are better be ignored rather than to be discussed.
    ~ Shrina (18th February, 2012)

    • Need to assign few tasks and have to be calm for getting already assigned tasks completed/done. *huh!! rolling eyes* 
    • Kal se fursat hi kahaan hai ? Jabki kaam doosron ke hi karna hai woh bhi khud ko satisfy karne ke liye ki "haan bhai chalo kaam ho gaya". :P
    ~ Shrina (21st February, 2012)

    • Study season !!!
    • Not getting time for blog :-(
    • Don't tell me my limits. I know them better than you and keep them in my pocket but they don't change with my pants and pocket-less lowers.
    ~ Shrina (24th February, 2012)

    • Kisi ne kaha hai : "We are not chemicals. So, we can think before reacting." 
    • Suppressed under different kind of thoughts, thinks and things.

    ~ Shrina (25th February, 2012)

    • Was reliving those moments today lying down in my bed even after waking up! Fascinating eyes..peace & depth in them while meeting mine. ♥ 
    • People call me Teddy Bear but my Teddy Bear is you. :-) ^_^
    ~ Shrina (26th February, 2012)

    • "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." ~Mae West 
    • You are so far from me that you are so close to my heart. 
    • Frustrated because I can't tell if it's real. Mad because I don't know how you feel. Upset because we can't make it right. Sad because I need you day and night. Angry because you won't take my hand. Aggravated because you don't understand. Disappointed because you don't believe how much I love You ! ♥ ♥ ~Unknown
    ~ Shrina (27th February, 2012)

    • Think the way you like, the way you are and not the way others want.
    ~ Shrina (29th February, 2012)

    • Insulting someone's love is easy but after ruining your image by doing this makes difficult to rebuild your grace and respect in his/her eyes. 
    • Reaching closer to my end/death every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month & every year. 
    • I am a proud Indian. Now tell I really need a reason to consider myself a good soul in my last birth?
    ~ Shrina (1st March, 2012)
    • #ThingsThatILoveInLife is my LIFE. No doubt in that. ;-)
    ~ Shrina (2nd March, 2012)

    • If she Holds You Down, Support You , Motivate You, Make You Laugh, is Honest, Loyal, Smart and Your Family Loves Her, DON'T LET HER GO! ~SB 
    • My love for you is till eternity. ♥
    ~ Shrina (3rd March, 2012)

    • Living every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month & every year of my life. ^_^ 
    • Living life is better than dying being alive. ;-) Hai naa ?? So be khush..atleast try to. ^_^ 
    • Kisike hone - naa hone se zindagi ruk nahi jati hai. Balki kayi baar life easy ho jati hai aur light feel hota hai.
    • Fabricated : I killed my friend and then one day I wished: Hope we could talk like we used to. Her soul replied in my dream: I'll always have a soft corner for you in my heart but now I am dead. U killed me !! So we can always talk like we used to, in ur dreams but we can never meet again. 
    • My routine and my habits are still the same. But now I do not need anyone to express what I did whole day, which used to matter me alot. :') 
    • Your so called love is a PURE SHIT if you have totally changed even after having good and not so bad qualities in you. But still u changed.
    ~ Shrina (4th March, 2012)

    • Kisike hone na hone se life me to fark nahi padta lekin kbhi-kbhi kisike kuchh time k liye dur chale jane se kitna fark padne lagta hai naa?
    ~ Shrina (7th March, 2012)

    • Maybe I am flawed but not intentionally. :-/
    ~ Shrina (10th March, 2012)

    • I am no more a property.
    • Don't ever forget what you want, other people will always have an opinion on what you should do, but if you listen then it won't be your choice, it should be yours. So follow your heart because that you will never regret. ~Unknown
    ~ Shrina (11th March, 2012)

    • Lucky is the man who is the first love of a woman, but luckier is the woman who is the last love of a man. ~Unknown
    ~ Shrina (13th March, 2012)

    • I'll not bother you if you don't bother that I am bothered even after telling you that I am little bothered, though I was too much bothered.
    ~ Shrina (19th March, 2012)

    • If I'm pointing out a think said by u which I feel is wrong or get hurt by it that doesn't mean I'm quarreling with u. I want you to listen me. I only want u to listen me with calm and understand the thing going wrong between us. Sincerely I (putting self in shoes of self in each role).
    ~ Shrina (20th March, 2012)

    • I have luxurious number of words for you, just sit and listen to me. I have oceans of love for you, come lets dive-in it.
    ~ Shrina (3rd April, 2012)

    • Love me for a reason, let the reason be love. ~ Unknown 
    • I want to die satisfied !! 
    • Not to be understood creates a real irritation. 
    • Life is really-really good. Need to leave bad habits and stupid addictions. :-)
    ~ Shrina (8th April, 2012)

    • Wearing good quality clothes doesn't mean having good values. Achchhe kapde pehenne ka matlab yeh nahi ki kisi mein achchhe sanksar hain.
    ~ Shrina (12th April, 2012)

    • I'm raw stone right now, want to progress in the best way so that the outcome makes my life & I'll b called a finely self carved SELF.
    ~ Shrina (15th May, 2012)

    • In your need I will be there with you, no matter you do the same or not with me. #Commited
    • When you can't stand in my bad times with me then you have no right be with me EVER !!
    ~ Shrina (16th May, 2012)

    • Sorry is not a word to speak out from your mouth but a word to feel from heart while speaking it and feel the grief you caused to aggrieved. 
    • Otherwise why would I have explained you? Open the doors of your mind,think again n again,reach to a conclusion and stick to it your whole life. 
    • I don't need any company right now but I heard and agree that company of good people should always be there in your life. 
    • It is okay if you don't understand me. I will not force you. 
    • Life is too short for.....etc, isiliye be a little thoughtful.
    ~ Shrina (19th May, 2012)

    • If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs. ~ Unknown
    • Oh God !!! Stop whining !! Especially on others' words/statements. Walk on your path properly first..don't point flaws out in others' ways.
    ~ Shrina (25th May, 2012)

    • Those few moments of happiness you want to collect are nut free at all. You cannot even borrow them. Not because you are incapable but because others have different priorities. 
    • That way the life is actually !! You can demand from the one who doesn't exist but can't from the one who exists. #Bizarre
    • Kabhi-kabhi aapke dost life enjoy kar rahe hote hain but they don't know that you are somewhere sitting alone listening to slow and nostalgic music !!
    • Jo tumhare liye bana hi nahi use paane ki ichchha bhi kyun rakhna ?? 
    • Partially right decisions humesha correct nahi hote. 
    • Your desires make you cry. You cannot rely on anyone for this.
    • What do I have which I can give you and what you possess which I can steal ??
    ~ Shrina (26th May, 2012)

    • That night was too tough! Checked for you whole night but failed again and again. Was unreachable even in dreams. The toughness is unexplainable.
    ~ Shrina (29th May, 2012)

    • You never know when someone is with you and when not !! May be life is all about SELF NEEDS.
    • Life is a gift box containing several small boxes in it which surprises you with the gifts hidden in each of it. So open them one by one.
    ~ Shrina (1st June, 2012)

    • Is there any way defined to love and be loved in return? THE WAY !!
    • Fairy tales are fairy tales !! Not real !! Always mesmerizing, tempting and happy endings !!
    • That one person that you can talk to for hours without getting bored ♥” I is noone else but ME myself.
    • I love it when somebody sees me, screams my name & then runs to hug me :')” Does that really matter when you want to be all alone?
    • We argue & fight, but i never want to lose you.” Haha...funny! What when almost everything is already loose and lost?
    • "Don't take a good woman for granted. Someday someone will come along and appreciate what you didn't." LOL! Appreciate karne ko kuchh ho to.
    ~ Shrina (2nd June, 2012)

    • Kabhi kabhi hum kitne pagal ho jate hain naa kuchh logon ke pichhe ki humein sabkuch achchha lagta hai, shayad perfect and best. #Madness
    ~ Shrina (3rd June, 2012)

    • Do we sometimes realize that what we are doing? Make things up, don't break them down. 
    • That feel which you cannot share with anybody !!
    • No matter how many signals you send, until you convey your message properly through any mean how would I respond/react to it?
    ~ Shrina (4th June, 2012)

    • There are few people in our lives who come and build a strong bond with us. They become an important part of our lives and we just don't have any idea of it.
    ~ Shrina (6th June, 2012)

    • Hum kabhi achchi baat ke liye badalte hain to kabhi buri lagi hui baat ke liye !! Depends on how people we love treat us. #JustAThought
    • Sochte mann udaas ho kabhi to kisi ke paas jayein to sahi, Ho koi aisa bhi kahin jisse karein kuchh baatein khatti-meethi hi sahi.
    • Aye dil !! Kabhi jo khudko main teri nazar se dekhoon to shayad mujhse bura koi ho hi nahi. Kash !! Tu samjhe kabhi is ruh ko jo tere bina kuchh bhi nahi. (-_-)
    • I can't say this to you "Do you really like to behave this way or I myself am act like this??" :-/ #Weirdness
    • Sometimes, you talk and you know it is nonsense.
    • Kuchh baaton ko kehne ka kabhi koi faayda nahi hota. Magar phir bhi aap unhe kehte ho. Don't worry! You are normal.
    • I have developed a new habit. Dumbness !! And I was unaware of it.
    • Hmmm !! Yes right !! You weren't there naa to talk to would have I known that I am going dumb day by day. #EnergySavingCapacity
    • Time changes, thinking changes, life style changes, people change but DIL is always same. And your basic nature will always be the same.
    • You know !! I want to share so many things with you. But don't know why I don't.
    • Do's and don'ts can't be undone but can be rectified.
    ~ Shrina (9th June, 2012)

    • Jo samajhta hai use samjhane ki zarurat nahi hoti aur jo nahi samajhta hai usko bhi samjhane ki zarurat nahi hoti hai.
    ~ Shrina (21st June, 2012)

    • And..I know that life goes on..but, kuchh hota hai jo khatakta hai. People who die do not come back but their sweet memories do.
    • You do not accept their demise but again..their memories make you feel it and accept it.
    ~ Shrina (15th July, 2012)

    • My life revolves around my loved ones. That satisfies me and I feel complete.
    ~ Shrina (31st July, 2012)

    • Something is diminishing gradually inside me and between us. May be our minds..brains and connection. 
    ~ Shrina (9th August, 2012)

    • Main aajkal gussa zara jaldi thook deti hoon. Aur log aajkal baaton ko thook lagakar chipka lete hain. :P #Transformation
    ~ Shrina (10th August, 2012)

    • Reluctant to change. Unbothered! Then why do I always behave as if nothing happened? This isn't my ego but a step towards making him better.
    • 'Let go' doesn't work always.
    • You need to be strong for the stand you have taken.
    • #WordsThatDescribeMe ENIGMA
    ~ Shrina (24th August, 2012)

    • Unorganized life, undisciplined mannerism, poor observation, hollow thoughts, weak understanding, immature human being, wrong conclusions.
    ~ Shrina (27th August, 2012)
    • Tez dhoop aur tez baarish! Dadi kaha karti thi 'Chida-chidi ki shaadi ho rahi hai'. :-)
    ~ Shrina (28th August, 2012)

    • Puppet of my own mood. :-/
    • Is this the year of Deaths? :-/

    ~ Shrina (29th August, 2012)

    • Kya koi kisise itni nafrat bhi kar sakta hai ki usse baat kie bina reh sake, wo bhi tab when he/she knows that he/she can't?
    • Leave someone alone to smile, to shy, to cry, to die and to make conclusions. Can't we do it together? Then we and our thoughts/wants will be more strnger.
    • How formal it sounds naa when your family member asks you 'How are you?'? As if we're sick and in bed or are far away from each-other.
    • Shortage of words! Lucky you. Enjoy safe zone. :-)
    ~ Shrina (30th August, 2012)

    • Jise makkari/araam-pasand zindagi jeene ki aadat ho jati hai usse kabhi b mehnat nahi hoti, phir chahe kitna b soch le 'bas is baar to..!'.
    • Practice makes a man perfect but it depends on what practice trend he/she is following. Strategy betterment is necessary.

    ~ Shrina (31st August, 2012)

    • I hate people who spoil my status updates. :-/ If you have something wacky in your mind then keep it inside your skinny zip don't show off.
    • Feeling light and a little relaxed after so many days. Just because I wrote what I had in my mind from a long time.
    ~ Shrina (1st September, 2012)

    • Deep down..under water..can't breathe..can't move but can see..can see water, beautiful sky and someone..someone panicking for his life just drown. Marvelously scary. No ??
    • Sky was red hot. I teased him and played badminton. Dekho ab rone hi lag gaya...woh bhi itni zor se ki kehna padega..kutte-billiyon ki tarah.
    • Respect and value people who truly love you because once they are gone you miss them very badly and just wish you can be with them but can't do anything about it. (Abhishek Kumar)
    • 'Losers discuss why they can't.' Really??? o_O
    ~ Shrina (2nd September, 2012)

    • Pathetic that how you make responsible others for the mistake you have committed. Which generally turns into a quarrel and the ultimate culprit is I.
    • As long as I am alive I believe that I exist. :-)
    • May RIP honeybee I just killed. Sorry! :-(
    ~ Shrina (3rd September, 2012)

    • There are few people in your life to whom convincing is like to bend an iron rod with hands. I am one of them. ('-_-')
    • When someone doesn't talk to you for so many days, what feel you should have...'that it was her mistake or was I so wrong that she decided not to talk to me and thought I deserve this only?'
    • Do you believe in realizing and saying sorry ?? I do and I say. And I expect the same from you too.
    • When I expected you to be here you were absent and today you are here when I don't even realize that you are present and were the most important think I wished to have.
    • How emotions change or say automatically normalize to it's sane state. May be isliye kehte hain kisike hone-naa hone se koi fark nahi padta. Aur jise fark padta hai woh kisiko kuchh kehta nahi hai. Agar meri tarah hota hoga to likhta zarur hoga kabhi kabhi.
    • Can't few of us have a little more understanding or say full understanding.
    • Swanism!! @thegooglefact Swans only have one partner for their whole LIVES; if their partner dies they could pass away from A broken heart.
    ~ Shrina (4th September, 2012)

    • Happy Teachers' Day! My thanks to each and everybody who no matter was a teacher or not but taught me smething good and valuable, also corrected me. And thanks to those also who being good and bad to me taught me what is good and what is bad, AND also taught me that now how should I behave with them and their kinda people in this world.
    • I have n no. of things to talk to you about but I just avoid to talk these days. You know the reason but not this thing. And I won't tell you this.
    ~ Shrina (5th September, 2012)

    • #LazyRule People sleep while talking on phone and say 'Oh!! bas phone par hi aisa hota hai aaamne-saamne hote hain tab nahi'.
    ~ Shrina (6th September, 2012)

    • TRUE! @thegooglefact 
      The people who are now heartless are the same people who once cared too much.
    • Big fussy woman!!
    • Jobless people are brainless also. Play office-office.
    • Queen of Verbal Bombarding!
    ~ Shrina (7th September, 2012)

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